A couple a years back I got tired of writing checks to the IRS and after talking to my

CPA I decided to give something big away so I wouldn’t have to write those checks as

often. The biggest thing I was willing to give away was a school house in Kiven. Now it

looks like Kiven but you say it Kiven, Must be a town secrete. Well I’m from the south

and we cant just give something away with out gussying it up first. So on a Friday my

husband and I went to Kiven to hire some helpers to gussy it up. Now Kiven only has two

Business open on Fri evening. They are Cycles and Dereks both of them are beer joints.

At cicles I tried to find some one who wanted to work , not a sole did I find. So I

Picked up one of those paper place mates and wrote that I needed helpers at THE

SCHOOL be there SAT at 9:00 am I put the school because kiven only has one school

That’s the one I owned. I went down the street a block to Dereks and did the same thing.

We had to go to Shelby to sleep that night because Kiven didn’t have a hotel no bed and

breakfast not even a RV trailer park. Next morning we drove back to Kevin and waited

inside the school. My husband and I were starting to worry that no one in KEVIN needed

to work. When a green haired boy showed up. I have this thing about kids with tattoos

and funny hair I guess its my age. Well he was the only worker and I sure didn’t want to

sweep all day so I showed him around and explained all that needed to be done. He got

right to work. After 30 mins or so another young kid showed up so I pointed down the

hall to where the green haired kid was and told him to go ask him what to do. By now

I had made the green haired kid a foreman. What was I thinking. Another hour went by

when an older guy came by wanting to work, He was not the bright light on the tree. I’m

not sure he had a light on his tree. But I hired him and put him to work with you guessed

it the green haired boy. At lunch time I went to cicles to buy lunch for my new crew and
when I got back the mayor of Kiven showed up. I was hoping he needed work seeing

how the mayor might not make much money in a small town. NOPE he was there to see

if we might need to get into the dumpster area of town. I was very happy because I hadn’t

even thought that far out. Then he gave the keys to the green haired boy. Around 2pm

a coulpe showed up It was their son the second boy. I found out that they were just

checking on him and I found out why Kiven had such a school. THEY found oil in Kevin

and they had been watching too much Beverly Hill Billy they thought they were rich.

They built the school and then found out that the local kids wouldn’t go there. See the

boys of Kiven all had girl friend in Shelby and all the girls of Kiven had boy friends in

Shelby so no one wanted to change schools. The lessons we learn! I learned a new

respect for green haired kid

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