One day I got a phone call, from a friend of mine, David, who had taken some of my classes. He asked me if I would meet with him the next day to look at a house that he might be buying. I said sure. We met for breakfast, and then off to the house we went. I asked David what had happened and why he needed my help. He said he had put signs out, stating that he bought houses. This man called him up saying he would give David the house. That’s not normal, so David wanted me to tag along. We interviewed the man who owned the house. He said that he was a truck driver; he had driven north on route 59 through Nacadocius. As he went through Nacadocius, Texas, God told him to move his family to that area.. He was the one who owned the house. He figured that if he waited to sell the house, it might be on the market for a while. He was willing to give that house to anyone who wanted it. Now it wasn’t a free and clear house. This man owed some money, but I looked at it and said, “Wow! You could rent this house for at least a hundred dollars more the man’s house payment.” This guy was turning his house payment over to my friend David, letting him assume his loan.

Now the interesting thing is a lot of people are told you can’t do that. The real truth is the mortgage company typically doesn’t care as long as someone makes that payment. Off to the bank we went to find a notary. There was a quitclaim deed signed by the owner over to my friend David. The guy moved out the next day … all his belongings … everything. David barely had to sweep out the house as he put up for rent signs. David asked, “Well, it’s a really good deal, but should I take this house? Is that morally O.K.?” I told David “Never mess with the word of God.”

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