Judy Cook – Real Estate Investor & Professional Trainer

Judy Cook is a nationally recognized speaker; author, and consultant who believes in helping others live out their passions. She doesn’t just “talk the talk”, she “walks the walk.” Using her ability to see a problem and then find a solution, Judy was able to develop her ideas into programs. On numerous occasions she served as an “expert resource” for the Houston City Council and The Whitney Neighborhood Project showed her to be a powerhouse at matching families with homes they had only dreamed of owning. In 1994, because of her desire to share her expertise and success, she started educating others on opportunities to make money and dreams come true…

with real estate investing. Today, Judy’s office walls are full of rewards for her leadership in national organizations. One of her proudest moments came in Washington D.C. when she was presented the award for “Excellence in Community Service and Entrepreneurship in Real Estate”.